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Brittany Ritcher
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Brittany Ritcher is a life coach, public speaker, blogger, and the founder of

She held several positions in the entertainment industry, working at a bi-coastal talent agency and a talent management firm, both representing A-list actors. She loved the excitement of working behind the scenes on commercials, television shows and movies – but she realized what she loved most of all was helping actors achieve their lifelong dreams.

Then she began to think, “What if I could do this for everyone…not just actors? What if I could guide capable men and women to a joyful, more fulfilling love life, career and personal journey?” She knew helping people achieve their highest vision of themselves was HER dream job…could she be this lucky to be able to create a way to guide others in a meaningful, fun, and creative way?

Soon after, was born!

Brittany’s mission with is to create a place to share BIG IDEAS. Through light-hearted and down-to-earth personal accounts of triumph and lessons learned, Brittany hopes to share her own experiences and views on the BIG questions and how to create a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

Currently, Brittany lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and soulmate, Stephen.

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[sohl-t uh -plahy] verb

1. to make the conscious decision to step up and take action on the BIG IDEAS that are stirring in your soul. Then, you won’t be able to help but multiply those good vibes by releasing your passion out into the world.

2. to formulate your success in a powerful way.

What does it take to Soultiply?


60% Positivity

You gotta stay positive! Even when the world is telling you otherwise, you can just smile kindly, nod, and head on your merry way. Nothing is holding you back. ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE.


20% Guts

Guts and courage are going to let you look fear right in the eye and say, “You don’t know who you are messin’ with kid!” Then, challenge doesn’t seem quite as scary. Following your intuition, your gut, is the best way to make decisions that you know are true to you. With this type of guts combo – you can’t help but win!


15% Mindfulness

You have to be in the moment and aware in order to know when opportunity is knocking at your door. That means put down the cell phone, take out the ear buds and connect with the world around you. Really listen.


5% Fun!

Yes, to Soultiply is to enjoy the process, while it’s happening. You may be so focused on getting that raise, or meeting THE ONE, but don’t forget the fun you could be having right now! Trust me, one day you are going to look back on the journey as the “good ole’ days”. Life will be even more magical if you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy the ride.

Soultiply - it's all for YOU!

This is a website and community brimming with tools and information to help you enrich your life and expand your soul. But it really boils down to 3 main things you can expect to take away from Soultiply: MOTIVATION, A PLAN OF ACTION and INSPIRATION. And let me tell you, that's a kick-ass combo for making dreams come true.

MOTIVATION: It can be tricky sometimes – where do you find it? Where does it go when you’ve convinced yourself that the Ben & Jerry’s in your freezer is more important than the treadmill at the gym? We’ve all done it and even lost it at times. But by immersing yourself in the uplifting and informative content on the site – you will find that seed of motivation to propel you to the next level. Which is…

A PLAN OF ACTION: You read the article, you watched the video and now you are ready to start making things happen. But, where in the world do you start? Sometimes a task can seem so daunting that fear can paralyze us from forming a plan of action. This website will give you no-nonsense, hands-on tools to formulate those steps. Because you can dream all you want, but action is what it takes to get the ball rolling. Once you start actually MOVING towards what you desire, you will find yourself overwhelmed with…

INSPIRATION!: Please believe me when I say that inspiration is just the best feeling in the world. It’s love, confidence, and energy all wrapped into one! It keeps your mind churning and producing even more action, which keeps you in line with your plans. I’m constantly finding myself inspired by things that I read, watch and experience and I share this with you here on the website. You will in turn read, watch and experience the website and find inspiration in the experience of our community. It’s a never-ending inspirational cycle and that, ladies and gentlemen, are how dreams become reality.

Welcome to your formula for success…
Welcome to Soultiply!

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