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The Lowdown on Soultiply’s Monthly Mantra + April 2014 Monthly Mantra!

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Hello my sweet Soultiply-ers! I’m so excited to introduce an ongoing series that will be featured here at the beginning of each month – it’s called the Monthly Mantra . I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can be a little bit of a Drama Queen. I’ve always been emotional by nature, and it’s something I’ve really had to learn to navigate as I’ve grown older.  I know I am a powerful, confident woman who is capable of many, many things in this life and I work very hard to make sure that people do not discount me based on my emotional or empathetic nature . So I’ve come up with a system that has helped me in countless ways as I go about my daily life – I call it my Monthly Mantra.

Magic of the Mantra

Sometimes, when you are overwhelmed or saddened in a situation, it’s not always easy to step back from the circumstance and look at it clearly. You can read and research about self-development day in and day out, but sometimes it’s hard to remember those powerful solutions in the heat of the moment. So instead, at the beginning of every month, I urge you to pick a Monthly Mantra. It can be a piece of advice, an inspirational quote or a spiritual activity that you have been meaning to try. After you’ve picked it, you will focus on this one tidbit for the entire month. Live and breathe your mantra and whenever you are in a situation where your emotions might be getting the best of you,  go straight to your mantra in order to gain clarity and refocus on the condition at hand. It can help you look at the position in a new light. By the end of the month, you will have used your mantra to create a wonderful, new habit that you can rest assured will continue to benefit you long after the month is over (even without your conscious attention!)

You are more than welcome to develop your own Monthly Mantra system, but I will be showcasing mine on the homepage of and on all Soultiply social media outlets, so we can share together! I would love to hear about your experiences using the Monthly Mantra and I’ll check in with everyone periodically throughout the month to see how we are doing.

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So our Monthly Mantra for April 2014 will be:

“Stop giving a shit about what other people may consider weird .”

Ohhhh, this feels like a good one! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in appearances and our perceived notions of what we think other people might be thinking about our actions and desires. Let’s try our best to throw all that fluff aside this month! Instead, let’s focus on letting go of any and all worry about what other people think, so we can focus on being our truest selves. It’s going to feel soooOOoooOooo good! Keep this in mind whenever you might be confronted with a situation that demands more thought and attention than immediately available to you. And of course, let me know how it goes! I’ll be living the mantra right along with you!

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April Monthly Mantra

Brittany Ritcher The Lowdown on Soultiply’s Monthly Mantra + April 2014 Monthly Mantra!

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