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Friends with (BUSINESS!) Benefits PART FOUR: The Business BFF

Friends with Business Benefits The Business BFF | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher Your friends can be a huge blessing to you and your professional success, but it takes a certain type of friendship to make that positive switch. Not everyone can be a friend with (BUSINESS!) benefits…

Over the past several days, we’ve been climbing up the business/friendship ladder. We learned how to navigate the oftentimes rough relationship troubles with the Moochers , we’ve supported the scattered dreams of our Light Bulb friends, and we’ve thanked the many Observers that keep us motivated and inspired to do our best.

But do you know the type of personal relationship that brings the MOST business success?

Those are our dear Business BFFs!

Business BFFs are the pinnacle of what it means to transition a personal friendship into a business partnership that lasts a lifetime.

Business BFFs are the people that work with you, inspire you, and allow you to bounce ideas off each other so you can both achieve new heights.

My Business BFFs are invaluable to me. I feel like I need to have my pen and paper ready whenever I am around them; they allow me to see my business in a new light each and every time we meet.

And the marvelous thing is – this business relationship is fun! There’s nothing stuffy or formal about a Business BFF.

It’s a perfectly balanced affiliation – it’s not about who can do what for whom; it’s about conquering every level together. They speak your business language and you know they will always have your best interests in mind.

It’s fun growing together with your Business BFF.

Sometimes this type of relationship is easiest when you both work in different industries, so you can experience an unbiased outside perspective, without the fear of competition.

You can count on them for anything, you value their opinion, you admire their work, and you know that your reputation is safe in their hands. It’s the sweet spot, and every professional should have this type of connection.

Here’s what to look for in a Business BFF:

• You have matched expectations: It’s a give and take relationship. You both constantly rely on each other for ideas and support, and you know the favor will be returned. No one is keeping score.

• You have a solid personal relationship as a foundation: You can talk about product launch plans or that awful OkCupid date from the other night. As long as you are together and having fun, the relationship is fluid and flexible, allowing for maximum growth, understanding, and inspiration.

• You can be honest with one another: He sees your blindspots. You see the potential problems that might arise with his launch plan. With an honest working relationship, you both have the opportunity to have your ass saved before it’s too late. Thank God for friends!

• Gratitude: You may walk the around the world 10 times over for her, but she will ALWAYS say thank you for it. Gratitude matters. When you find your Business BFF, you can’t ever take them for granted; they are a rare gem to be found. The moment the relationship becomes unbalanced or expected is the moment it no longer serves both of you fully. Gratitude is a priority .

• They fuel your inspiration: Your Business BFF will make you look at the world differently.

I was having a conversation with a Business BFF of mine and I was explaining to her about how it seems like all my past job experiences directly led me to the creation of Soultiply. Then, out of the blue, she noted a connection that I hadn’t ever realized before. I mean, we are talking about something DIRECTLY related to my own life and experience – and I never even thought to put two and two together! I just had to give her a great, big, hug because it made me realize how valuable it is to have a trusted outside perspective.

• They make your dreams possible : Just when you think that you’ve had enough, they give you the boost that you need to keep going further. They are your voice of reason when emotion clouds your thinking . And for that, they are the best asset that you could have.

• Undivided attention and time: They are the ones who respond to your text and emails the same day. They are the ones who will be sitting in the audience of your first public speaking engagement. They attend your launch parties, hell – they’ll even help you set up! Business BFFs are never too busy for you, and that type of relationship is almost unheard of during this day in age. Normal business relationships might support you occasionally, but Business BFFs are there for you around the clock.

It’s impossible to put a price on that. It’s PURE BUSINESS GOLD.

In fact, I just text my Business BFF several venue ideas for his upcoming movie premiere, because my brain is working for him nonstop, just as I know he does for me. It feels so damn good to have someone’s brilliance at your disposal like you do with a Business BFF. It’s like having a consultant constantly working for you…for free!

• You take your relationship seriously: One of my Business BFFs and I make it a point to have dinner together at least once a month. We pick a new restaurant we’ve been meaning to try, and we talk about our projects (and private lives of course; personal friendship is the most important part of our relationship). We recap everything that’s been going on – our struggles, our triumphs, and our inspiration. The waiter usually hates us, because we talk a mile a minute and take FOREVER to order. These conversations are DEEP and so incredibly insightful. They are full of laughs and I always leave our dinners looking forward to the next one. They are a great way to measure progress on my goals and keep me accountable. (Because Lord knows I don’t want to show up to dinner next month having not finished my latest project!)

In a way, they are a less formal version of a mastermind group.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a mastermind group is basically an “after-school club” for saavy business professionals. It’s a group that gets together and uses each other as valuable resources for business referrals and inspiration. There are many ways to find a mastermind group that’s right for you (our dear friend Google is chalk full of ‘em, or you can find a zillion groups on ), but the best way to find a mastermind group that you love is to start your own .

In fact, I challenge you to create a Business BFF mastermind group!

Ask them to invite THEIR Business BFFs who you might not yet know, and you can create a powerful, dream growin’ group that will nourish your projects, ideas, and INCOME.

Sounds sweet, right? That’s how successful businesses are made.

Not yet convinced you need a Business BFF?

Business besties take you to the next level.

The moment you begin to feel like this relationship is too good to be true, do everything in your power to make sure you are providing them with unprecedented value and support.

Just like real-life BFFs, you can always have more than one, and they must be showered with love! Keep that simple thought in mind, and the corporate world won’t feel quite so cruel.

Have a Business BFF that you couldn’t live without? Share this article with them and thank them for all that they do!

Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher

Brittany Ritcher Friends with (BUSINESS!) Benefits PART FOUR: The Business BFF

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