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Friends with (BUSINESS!) Benefits PART THREE: The Observer

Friends with Business Benefits The Observer For me, friends are those earth angels who sometimes know you better than you know yourself.

So why do we sometimes fight so hard to keep our friends and our professional lives separate?

If you want to reach any level of professional success, you’ll need strong friendships to help get you there.

But sometimes, when it comes to matters of success, income and reputation – we don’t feel comfortable risking  our personal relationships for business gain.

In this Soultiply blog series, we’ve been exploring the 4 top archetypes of personal to business relationships, and the best ways to transition through them for professional success.

Here’s the breakdown:

For a young professional, oftentimes your career is your heart and soul. So think of an Observer friendship as the blood that keeps the heart thumpin’ and pumpin’! Let’s delve deep into what it means to be a great friend and business Observer…

Observers are the pals who use their friendship to support and nourish your business. You know you’d feel lost without them.

They are the ones who were the first readers, commenters, and followers of your blog. They are the ones who are out there on the battlefield, referring people to your products and services. They are the people who you haven’t spoken to in years, but who let you know that they love the work that you are putting out into the world.

And for you Observers, I need to say a big, huge, THANK YOU!

Your daily shout-outs remind me why Soultiply is so incredibly important and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I had a friend who runs a few women’s entrepreneurship programs in West Bank reach out to me a few months ago. I hadn’t spoken to her in years, but she took the time to let me know that she enjoys the blog and that she shares Soultiply with the women in her program. I was stunned. To know that her positive energy was introducing Soultiply to such a large and diverse audience, I was eternally grateful for her encouragement and the fact that she took the time to let me know.

Observers are the angels of support, the men and women who send you the energy and love to keep doing what you were born to do.

• WHAT YOU CAN DO IN RETURN: Thank them! Never take them for granted ever, ever, ever ! These supporters are the foundation for a successful business and they need to know how much it means to you. Reply to every comment, send them gifts, extra words of encouragement – anything to let them know that you value all that they do for your dream.

• WHAT YOU CAN DO IN RETURN: Remember them every step of the way. I’ll never forget the first person who commented on a Soultiply blog post. I was about to begin a group workout class and I happened to glance at my email and I saw the most beautifully crafted, supportive comment in my inbox. I teared up and had to thank her multiple times. It was a small gesture on her part, but it speaks volumes in my heart.

And Lord knows, at every level of my business’ success, I will remember her and make sure that she is treated like a Soultiply Queen!

And that goes for all my friends out there on the internet, and in life.

• WHAT YOU CAN DO IN RETURN: Support them in any way you can. Professionally, personally, show them that support is a two way street. Some of the best business friendships are born from the mutual adoration of each other’s previous work and dreams for the future.

Learn something new from your Observers. See their greatness and shine a light on their beauty.

Because when two people support one another, life doesn’t feel as hard.

Business blossoms and opportunities arise in the most unexpected ways.

How can we learn to be better Observers?

The best way to be an Observer to your friends is to remember one simple phrase: GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!

This phrase is so important, I write it on every single page of my Soultiply business plan. It’s the cornerstone of all value and it’s the foundation for success. It’s everything and you’ll be nothing without it.

Give of your time, your energy, and your thoughts. Always be on the look out for how you can help other people. Those gestures might seem small, but they will work wonders for your business relationships. Sometimes, showing up to someone’s performance or attending that art gallery opening might be JUST what that person needs at that moment.

Sometimes people think that business is harsh and devoid of emotion.

When in fact, it’s exactly the opposite.

A successful career is deeply personal and impacts every single facet of our lives. By giving of your support, you not only back your friends’ professional success, but their personal and emotional well being too.

Now that’s being a real friend.

Plus – when you give, you will receive tenfold.

The very act of giving opens you up to SO MANY opportunities.

And the great thing is…there are so many different ways to give!

That’s the nature of a beautiful, selfless heart. Trust, and you will be rewarded in time.

Observers are the gateway Business BFFs (we are going to talk about how to become a Business BFF tomorrow, so check back soon!) …but sometimes they just need a little push.

By showing your gratitude and interest in their professional lives, you can develop relationships that move beyond the occasional compliment. Show your Observers that their ideas and contributions are not only valid, but encouraged. Observers are used to being the silent helpers, so take the time to introduce them to the crucial role that they play in your business and the larger relationship that could develop if you continue to work together.

As always, remember to continually check in with your Observers, treat them well, and build upon that solid foundation.

They support you and like what you are doing. Remember that on those days when you feel like you are doing this alone, when if feels like no one is responding or listening, when the rejection becomes a little too much to handle. Let that thought make you smile.

Your Observers have your back, and that’s an incredible gift.

Put them first, and you will have yourself a Business BFF in no time.

Who are your strongest Observers and supporters?

Know a special Observer that could use a thank you? and show your valued network some love!

Check out the final installment of the Friends with (BUSINESS!) Benefits Series…we delve into the greatest of the 4 business friendships… THE BUSINESS BFF . How you can be one, how you can gain one, and everything in between.

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Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher

Brittany Ritcher Friends with (BUSINESS!) Benefits PART THREE: The Observer

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