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BREAKING NEWS: The Surprising Way You Can Change the World with One Simple Action (Infographic)

Breaking News: The Surprising Way You Can Change the World with One Simple Action (Infographic) | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher I’ve never traveled the world. In fact, I’ve never even ventured outside the United States. I know, it’s a little embarrassing to say out loud.

But thank God for the internet and all the technology that allows us to connect worldwide each and every day.

And it just makes me think…THERE IS SO MUCH OUT THERE IN THIS WORLD.

Millions of people are living out their moments in time every day. By that fact alone, we are all so incredibly connected.

What series of events had to happen for you to find yourself reading this post, on this website? Every choice you made today has led to this very moment. Take a deep breathe and soak it in. This is your incredible life to live.

Now that’s what I call a WHOA moment.

And boy oh boy, do I live for those moments!

Whoa moments can be best described as those periods in time where your mind can briefly comprehend our place in the grand universe. Those moments of awe while overlooking the Grand Canyon. I’ll never forget the time when I was reading and for a brief smidgen of a moment, I was able to wrap my mind around the fact that time is relative and all that exists is the present moment. No, I wasn’t high on drugs. I was running on a treadmill, to be exact. But I’ll never forget that WHOA moment for as long as I live.

Wait But Why just published a brilliant article about “whoa moments” and how they connect us to our highest selves. I strive to be in a state of awe, each and every day. It’s all just too beautiful to fully comprehend.

But WHOA moments are only little blips in time. And once they pass, the reality of our world becomes glaringly apparent.

For example, I’m not a fan of the nightly news. In fact, it’s probably the most depressing thing you could watch on television. I make an effort to stay informed on current events, but I don’t let them consume me. I choose to send a prayer out to those in need, and focus on deflecting that negative energy instead.

I know why news outlets exist. They aim to inform, but ratings always seem to win in the end. An anchor makes a hurtful sexist or racist remark, and the video goes viral. Their audience craves staggering numbers and incredible circumstances.

But what if we all chose to focus on this instead?…



There is SO MUCH LOVE emanating from this world at any given moment. You can’t escape it.

And it makes me think, how can we contribute to this huge puzzle? What role can we play to increase the love?

I challenge you to wake up each morning and think, “What can I do to increase the worldwide positivity numbers today?” Because your laughs, your kind words, your moments of affection – they ADD UP. They impact other people, who in turn find ways to increase the numbers of their own lives.

Imagine if everyone in the world took a second to smile RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Instead of having a moment of silence, we could have a moment of “smile-nce!” All corny jokes aside, that very moment could move mountains. The magnitude of those billions of smiles would create the most miraculous energy. Wouldn’t you be honored to live in a world like that?

That’s why I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Even during the years before I found my soulmate , I realized that Valentine’s Day wasn’t a day to wallow in my single-ness or curse the love birds around me. Instead, it’s a time to soak in the loving energy. We are lucky enough to have a day we specifically reserve for love. You can feel it in the air. People are happier because they are taking time to honor those that mean the most.

What has been the happiest day in history?

If there were a way to calculate positive emotions and actions, I wonder which day would win. Maybe it’s today. Or maybe it will be tomorrow.

Back in 2005, the third Monday in January was deemed “Blue Monday” and named the most depressing day of the year. They figured that it gave everyone just enough time to catch a case of the post-holiday blues and screw-up their New Year’s Resolution – plus, who enjoys a Monday?

But what about the happiest day of the year?

Usually it’s more of an individual choice…maybe you feel the happiest on your birthday or on a special holiday. Last spring in the UK,  Dr. Cliff Arnall was able to predict that the third Friday in June was the happiest day of the year . He created a “Happiness Equation” which “used numbers to represent ‘positivity factors’ including social interaction, the weather, blossoming nature, holiday anticipation and childhood summer memories.”

But when it comes right down to it, the happiest and most depressing days of each individual year really have to do more with personal and global current events. So maybe we do have to watch the news after all! A national tragedy or triumph could completely change the emotional landscape of the world within a moment’s notice.

But now social researchers are able to analyze twitter data to track positive connotations in trending keywords, which could get us even closer to answering our “Happiest Day in History” question after all. Who knew that hashtags could be used for such a noble purpose?

What do you think would make the Happiest Day in History ?

Maybe it’s the day we develop a definitive cure for cancer. Or the day when reliable high speed rail can connect us to our family and friends around the world in a fraction of the time. What would it take to bring joy on a global level?

As long as the possibility of the World’s Happiest Day exists (and it will always exist, as it’s always possible to create more love and kindness that can be shared with others), it’s our divine duty to keep those positive stats high! Watch those numbers soar, and know that you were directly a part of it all. Because when you focus on increasing your positivity each and every day – your life and our world will change.

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Brittany Ritcher BREAKING NEWS: The Surprising Way You Can Change the World with One Simple Action (Infographic)

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