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Big & Beautiful: Giving your Accomplishments the Credit they Deserve

Big & Beautiful: Giving your Accomplishments the Credit they Deserve | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher

I’ve lost 6 pounds. Yesterday, Soultiply got a new Google+ follower and several new Twitter followers. I did this really excruciating Level One “Biggest Loser” DVD workout, and although it took me nearly a week to be able to walk without looking like Gumby, I’m going to do it again tonight. I did not eat Chipotle at all this week, because I’m saving up for a trip to LA.

What do all these things have in common?

They are my recent accomplishments.

Yup, and I’m damn proud! You should see me right now; I got this little smile that just won’t go away.

I read this beautiful article by the lovely Kris Carr that encourages you to share your victories as a way to build self-confidence. And I’m feeling pretty strong right now; It feels nice to write them out.

In fact, let’s do just that…

Take a pen and paper (or type on your computer, or just think about them – whatever floats your boat) and list your recent accomplishments. Anything you are proud of yourself for doing, achieving, starting, thinking – anything! Make a list right this very minute.


Now…here’s the thing I got to ask…did you leave anything off? Honestly, did anything “not make the cut”? Maybe you felt like it was too small or that it was not quite finished. Was there anything you felt wasn’t worthy enough to be included?

I ask this because we come from a culture where we believe that SIZE MATTERS. She’s too big, he’s too small. They make too much money, they don’t make enough.

And even when it comes to our own victories, the moments where we are “winning” in our every day lives; we feel the need to measure them and quantify them somehow. If they don’t fit a certain standard, they aren’t worthy of praise.

Well let’s stop sabotaging ourselves by limiting our ability to win!

Every win, no matter if you view it as “big” or “small” – is a WIN ! That’s what it is…the size or importance of it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s quite silly. What even is a “small” win? Wins don’t have a size. There isn’t a cotton tag attached to your accomplishments stating small, medium or large! In fact, giving something as powerful as your achievements a label seems to diminish their existence.

As long as your achievements bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment, that’s SO VERY worthy in and of itself.

Let’s think about it – why do you think we label some accomplishments as “small” and some as “big”? Some worth mentioning and others not at all?

A lot of the time it has to with how we perceive OTHERS will think of our victories.

It’s not our own opinion measuring the win – it’s our fear of how others will measure it when we share it out loud.

Boy oh boy have I fallen into that trap! People will ask me how Soultiply is going and I’ll be bursting with things to share, things that have happened throughout the week that have made me jump for joy, struggles that I’ve conquered, technical bugs that I solved, accomplishments that make each and every day more exciting than the next.

But instead I’ll say, “Oh, very well. Little milestones every day!” and I’ll give a slight smile and a shrug. And that’s that. Failing to share my joy. Failing to give my wins the credit they deserve.

Why do you think we do that?!

I think it stems from the fear that other people might be achieving MORE than we are at this very moment. Maybe we are holding the false belief that we will NEVER be able to achieve at their level. If you lost 2 pounds, you think they lost 20. If you signed 1 new client, you think they signed 10 this week. If you share your “small” victories, they might not view them as worthy. We fear that they might think less of our future capabilities, if we show that we are proud of our “small” wins today.

And in turn, you might just believe them . You might begin to feel like your accomplishments aren’t worthy either.

But think about it – why do we give this power to others?

They weren’t the ones who lost the weight, or signed the deal or achieved the goal.

YOU DID! That was alllllllll you, buttercup – YOU did that and no one else. So what others think about YOUR goals and achievements literally does not matter . The only opinion that matters is YOURS. Only you put the time and effort into making that happen. ONLY YOU know what it took to take action. And in turn, only you can label your accomplishments as “small” – no one else. That’s just you getting in your own way.

And I’m telling you to rip up that “small” label and throw it away.

“Small” does not describe the great things you can accomplish.

And aren’t the “big” accomplishments made of “small” ones anyway?

Aren’t the “small” ones sometimes the most promising and the hardest to achieve? “Small” victories are often times the first steps that lead to greater things.

And sometimes, the hardest part of a “big” accomplishment is the “small” step of getting started in the first place! It’s scary to take on a new goal! You want to keep your eye on the prize, but that little monster called “failure” keep jumping up and down in front of you, waving his arms saying, “Me! Me! Look at me! Don’t forget about me!” and it’s easy to not even want to take the first step. Why should we discount the “small” victory of defeating our fear, of taking the leap into the unknown? That’s takes BIG courage!

When you qualify the size of an accomplishment, especially as “small”, you are saying to the Universe that your bite-size achievement isn’t enough, that it’s not something you are as proud of, that you are capable of only “small” things and you want to continue to receive “small” progress.

Your thoughts directly impact what you receive in life. If you don’t give your “small” victories the big credit they deserve, you will continue to get the “not enough” and “small” outcome.


Be REALLY happy about what you once considered a “small” step.

Don’t take a single accomplishment for granted. Gratitude for even the smallest of victories keeps our motivational mojo in tip-top shape! So then we can turn around and use that power and dedication to keep on winning.

BIG means anything can happen. You want ALL victories to be big and important in your heart so that you can stand by what you have accomplished. Your path is yours alone.

Take the World Cup for example. Now, I’m no soccer super-fan, but it’s fun to watch these games. After every goal, the team that just scored goes WILD. I mean, bat-shit crazy. They jump up and down (how do they have the energy to do that?!), hug each other, run around the field, dance and sing! They rejoice in that goal to their heart’s content! Now I understand scoring a goal is a MUCH bigger deal in soccer than getting a point in some other sport, (Could you imagine if the Spurs reacted the same way after every basket?! The game would be 5 hours long!) but it goes to show that reveling in the “small” victories that contribute to the “bigger” picture (such as winning the soccer game) are just as valid and important. Without the “small” scores, we would never have a “big” win!

Plus, if you don’t give yourself credit for your “small” accomplishments, then it’s going to be hard to know if you are on track to achieve the “big” ones. I don’t know a single person who’s lost 50 pounds without losing 5 pounds first!

Share your accommplishments. Rejoice in these wonderful moments, the moments where you’ve defeated the obstacles that were in your path and you’ve overcome fear & adversity. Every win helps you become what you desire.

Breathe a sigh of relief.

AHHH I freakin’ did it!

Yes oh yes oh yes !

And don’t spend a minute more judging the scope of that accomplishment. Be just as happy that you ran 1 mile as you would if you ran a marathon. Because that joy will keep your legs pumping for many future miles. And when you DO run the marathon, you’ll be grateful that you didn’t give up or get discouraged by a “small” mindset.

What’s an accomplishment that you once thought was “small”?

Share it loud and proud in the comments below! In the meantime, I’ll be cursing my TV screen while lifting weights…


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Brittany Ritcher Big & Beautiful: Giving your Accomplishments the Credit they Deserve

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