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The Smart Guide to Harnessing the Power of Love for Wealth Creation

The Smart Guide to Harnessing the Power of Love for Wealth Creation | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher LOVE .

We seek to share it with others, we relish in it, we are made of it, and we want more of it. To give and receive love – it’s the best feeling in the world.

But what does love mean to you? How do you feel it; how do you show it?

For me, it’s the act of giving and receiving in overdrive . I picture it like this: Remember when you were a kid and you would spin your straw REALLY FAST in your chocolate milk until you created a mini tornado in your cup? Love is just like that. It’s giving and receiving in a continuous circle, until you get so caught up in it, that you BECOME it. You realize that you ARE love; A tornado of pure, positive energy.

That idea is the exact inspiration behind the Soultiply logo. A sacred circle. Giving and receiving all wrapped into one.

I just love that idea!

But I find this interesting…when most people are asked, “What do you love?” oftentimes they name only physical things. Logo with no lines

I love my mother.

I love my brand new puppy.

I love my house.

We know the miraculous power of love, that’s a given. So why don’t we automatically extend these feelings to our non-physical ideas and beliefs in just the same way? Why don’t we make more of an effort to give love to our dreams or to our obstacles? What if we loved the things that don’t yet exist with just as much passion as we do our family and friends? What would become possible?

I’m sure we all feel like we could use some more of it!

So many people associate money with greed or lack. And sure, that’s one absolutely dismal way to look at it. But where’s the love in that mindset?

If we know in our hearts that love leads to expansion and growth, how can we expect to increase our wealth if we only believe limiting ideas about it? That’s like yelling at someone, demanding that they feel happy- it’s just not going to work. If you think about money as something you lack, you aren’t feeling love towards it. And only through love can there be expansion and growth.

It’s math of the heart:  love = expansion and growth, limit = subtraction and lack. Are you looking to subtract or add money to your life? Are you looking to limit or love? It’s that simple.

So how about instead, we find ways to love our inherent wealth? We make it our mission to become loving custodians of a rich mind and spirit.

Leonie Dawson talks about this all the time , and I just love it.

Let’s start treating our money just as if we would treat anything else we love – like a boyfriend , family member, or pet. We can care for our money, by investing it or saving it towards purchases that would bring us joy. We could look at the numbers in our bank account and feel love towards them, rather than worry or fear. Any number above an absolute zero is a HUGE WIN; do you celebrate?

If we don’t love the money we have right now, more money won’t want to come join the party! How many times have you been at a party and the host was too concerned about who DIDN’T attend the event, than the people who were standing right in her living room? It’s annoying, and it makes you feel as if your presence doesn’t even matter.

Give love for what you have in front of you RIGHT NOW. More will come in time.

Instead of being the party host who is WORRIED about the people who haven’t arrived to her event, be the party host who is amped about what the evening holds. She loves her current guests, and she’s excited for who else will join in time.

Do the same with your money.

Think about ALL the money that is floating around in this big world. There’s a ton of it, right? And as we all know, the moment it leaves someone else’s hand – it has the opportunity to become yours in the future! There is a SHIT-TON of money that could potentially become yours at any given moment. So send it some love!

Just as you would picture the face of a loved one, picture what your money looks like. Visualize the design of your checks in your mind. See your unique signature emblazoned on the backside of a life-altering check made out in your name. Visualize a dollar bill, or a hundred dollar bill! THAT’S what your money looks like.

And when you see it – either on TV, at the bank, or through an exchange at the store – smile and say a mental hello! “Hey there money! Nice to see you again! Hope you are well! Looking forward to the next time we meet!” That’s sending your love to your future wealth. That’s operating from love, rather than fear.

I used to have a job where I would deposit large amounts of money into the bank for our company. Sometimes I would deposit amounts larger than my yearly salary within one single day! At first, that would make me feel a bit dejected.

But then I realized I was thinking about it all wrong.

So I started playing pretend. And when the bank teller would give me back my deposit slip at the end of the transaction, I would look at that number and be filled with joy. I would put that deposit slip into my purse and imagine that I had just received that amount myself . I felt like I was walking around the streets with a little, joyful secret.

I imagined the life altering things I could do with that money. I imagined the programs I could create, and the people I could help. I imagined the ways that I could spend it – to put it back out into the world for other people to grab up and enjoy, all the while using it to uplift and create my dreams.

Even though that money was NOT deposited into my account, playing this mini game allowed me to feel love for it, and to know in my heart that I was capable of positive feelings towards those amounts. That way, I would be open and available to receiving those amounts myself one day.

The entire point of these exercises are to prep you for your dreams. You wouldn’t run a marathon without building up your endurance, exercising regularly, or increasing your speed and stamina, right? Then why would you sit around and not prepare for the wealth that would help you accomplish your largest dreams and goals? Sometimes we have mental hang-ups, obstacles that we place in our own path that keep us from what we want . Once our dreams get closer, we freak out and shoot ourselves in the foot because we are afraid of change. We worry that we won’t be ready for more responsibility and power. By acquainting yourself with a greater sense of wealth, it won’t feel scary or new once you receive it. You’ll be prepared for your dreams.


Now, you don’t have to go all Mr. Crabs on me!

I’m not asking you to worship money or sacrifice your beliefs or ideals – actually, it’s quite the opposite!

I’m reminding you that money doesn’t have to be a big, scary, negative thing in your life.

It’s actually not about the physical money at all. What’s some green paper really going to do? Money is one of many mechanisms that can help aid the creation of your dreams.

Dreams are not created out of obsession, fear, or greed. Passionate ideas are made of love and love only . An inspired idea is not made of money .

If you have the love, the tools that are necessary for its creation will come into your life. It might be money, it might be the help of a very talented person, or it might be your own inspiration and driven spirit called into action. But love is always the catalyst. Wealth arrives in many forms.

Neediness is fear in disguise. If you feel needy or suspicious towards your money, your relationships, or any facet of your life – you are fearful that it might go away. You are fearful that it will never be yours to begin with.

It’s the difference between dating a fun, independent guy who treats you right and follows through on his goals and dreams, vs. dating the clingy guy that Facebook stalks you, freaks out when you want a bit of alone time, and doesn’t like when you hang out with your girlfriends. Both guys – they seem really into you. But only one guy has the possibility of a future relationship with you that will be filled with true love.

So for all my “Control Freaks” out there – do you find yourself needing to control circumstances out of fear? What would happen to you, your finances, or your relationships if you released the reigns and trusted in your love instinct? How would that make you feel? How much more time and energy would you have available to you if you replaced the need to control with love instead?

Because fear cannot live where there is an abundance of love. Kick the needy guy to the curb. Eliminate those needy financial thoughts. And invite true love in.

It doesn’t only have to be about money. Anything that is abstract, that is nontraditional – it can receive love too.

Remember – everything already exists. Your dreams and your future – they are out there just WAITING for you to find them, for you to invite them into your life. Feel love for what is not yet yours, and it will become yours in time.

I did this with my current boyfriend and soulmate of four and a half years. I met him and I just KNEW he was the one. He had all the characteristics that I knew I wanted in a man, and I felt alive and filled with joy around him. I tell him to this day, I fell in love with him long before we technically started dating.

And some people might say that’s a bit crazy.

But Brittany…What if he didn’t like you back? Wouldn’t you have been hurt?

And honestly, the answer would have been no.

Because I wasn’t obsessing over HIM, per say. I was sending love out to the future relationship that I knew was mine. He had showed me what it felt like to find a man that possessed all the qualities I knew I wanted in a life partner. So even if he didn’t like me back, or something didn’t work out between us, I knew that type of person existed and that it was my job to find him. It could have been him, it could have been someone else. It was witnessing the possibility and feeling love for it right now that brought me the most joy.

(But let’s just say that I am very glad it turned out to be him! He sure is handsome! )

Feel love towards your future children, right now. I do this all the time. I honor my body and feel love for the miracles that I will one day create. I work on myself, to eliminate bad habits and mindsets that I don’t want to pass along to my future children.

You can practice paying extra attention to your car, so that one day when you have the car of your dreams, you will be able to maintain it with perfect care. You can go to the store to say hello to a pair of expensive shoes or a new appliance that you know one day you will buy.

Do everything in your power to send love to your dreams RIGHT NOW. Prep for a life filled with your wildest dreams, and you will soon be living it.

How are you preparing for your dreams? For more prep tips, follow Soultiply on !

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Brittany Ritcher The Smart Guide to Harnessing the Power of Love for Wealth Creation
  • bo

    Great stuff

    • Brittany Ritcher

      Thanks Bo! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • Lori Lavender Luz

    I like the idea of manifesting via expansion rather than contraction.

    • Brittany Ritcher

      Absolutely! Where there is expansion, there is infinite possibility.

  • Yoneco Evans

    This is a lovely post Brittany. I especially like: “Feel love for what is not yet yours, and it will become yours in time.”

    • Brittany Ritcher

      Thank you Yoneco! Always important to keep your eye on the prize…better yet – the GRAND prize!

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