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I remember reading The Hobbit when I  was in 6 th grade. Phew, what a quest! I knew it was just a story, but I remember my little middle school brain feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by the journey.

And the funny thing is, I still sometimes feel overwhelmed when I look at my own little journeys in life. I’m no Bilbo Baggins, but once my brain realizes the grandeur of the task ahead of me, my eyes start to glaze over and my mind goes into spaz attack mode.

But I know that even the largest, most difficult of quests must be broken down into smaller chapters for success. Or, if you to write a blog, (as I just so happen to do!) smaller posts!

And with this, ladies and gentlemen, I will introduce to you the newest feature on the Soultiply blog – The Mind, Body, & Soultiply Quest!

This Quest will be featured on the Soultiply Blog every 4 or 5 posts and will act as a roadmap for anyone on their weight management journey. It’s not a diet plan or an exercise video. Although those things might play a major role in your personal weight management story, the exact logistics are purely up to you.

This Quest will focus on the most overlooked and oftentimes HARDEST part of managing your weight – overcoming the mental hurdles of sustained motivation.

The drive to keep going when times get tough. The excuses that we create when our favorite ice cream is on sale at CVS. The thoughts and the guilt and the bottomless cycle of failed attempts that can creep into our psyches and derail us time and time again. This Quest will eradicate the lonesome pit of defeat.

The mental aspect of losing weight can make or break you, so Soultiply is here to build you up. This Quest will help you develop a mindful approach to health and fitness, so you can get JACKED on healthy motivation!

After I stopped professionally acting , I felt such a tremendous sense of relief.

Subconsciously, I had harbored SO much stress related to my weight and how it could negatively impact my career. The competition was just too fierce and I worried about it constantly.

But at my new job, I could sit behind my large computer in the dimly lit corner of the office, eat Reese’s to my heart’s content, and STILL make money! It just seemed too good to be true!

But I quickly let these habits get out of hand, and I gained 40 pounds in a very short amount of time. The joy I initially felt quickly vanished as I realized I didn’t have a solid life plan . I turned to fatty foods and sinful sweets as a way to make the days feel special again. It was no longer a treat – it became a habit. It was something to look forward to when I didn’t know what the future would bring.

Fast forward to right this very moment and I feel great . I have an absolute dream job, a loving relationship and more gratitude than a girl could ever conceive! Life is beyond my wildest expectations right now, and each day is continuing to look brighter. Mentally, I feel on top of the world… but physically, I still carry around the body I developed during past difficulties.

I want to use this Quest as a way to share my journey to a complete life; to experiencing a body as fit and radiant as the way that I feel inside.

True vibrancy of the mind, body and soul.

And I want to do it with you. Yes, my most sincere hope is that we can achieve this goal together!

My journey might be one of weight loss, but that doesn’t have to be your goal when joining the Quest. You might be seeking motivation to gain weight. Or perhaps you might want to focus on a more specific goal, like building healthy muscle or improving your mental relationship with food. It’s absolutely up to you.

Your body knows when it feels best.

The Quest is about harmonious mind, body and soul goals in all of their forms.

In fact, I don’t even have an exact weight that I’m aiming to achieve with this Quest, and I urge you to ditch the numbers as well. I know what I used to weigh when I felt my best, but I don’t know if that same number applies to me now.

This isn’t about numbers and calories and grams…it’s about healthy relationships with ourselves, our food, and the amazing capabilities we have within our incredible bodies. The Mind, Body, & Soultiply Quest will be different; it will focus on creating positive self-image and body vibrancy – regardless of any number on a scale.

This doesn’t sound like any diet you’ve tried before, huh?!

That’s because it’s not focusing on changing anything about you; it’s tapping into the power that you already have brewing inside . It’s putting you in front of the steering wheel and working to remove the unconscious roadblocks that have manifested themselves physically over time. It’s about taking the reins and actively creating the body that you want to inhabit – in whatever form you choose.

And that leads me to the first tip of the Mind, Body, & Soultiply Quest…

The point is that you have a CHOICE.

It isn’t your mother’s, or boyfriend’s or BBF’s choice – it is all up to you. The way you want to look and feel is all under your control.

You see, a diet isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing.

Some people love to run, some people love to dance. Some people are vegan, some people cut carbs, some people focus on portion control.

Figure out what makes YOU feel sexy, active, energetic & free.

Maybe it’s weight loss, weight gain, toning, trying new things. No longer underestimating your capabilities.

I love my body and I want to take care of it. Through self-love, we will reverse the damage of not having done so in the past.

And you can do all the crunches and burpees (kill me now!) and planks you want, but if you don’t focus on the mental aspects of your physical journey, you won’t have a solid foundation for lasting success.

And I trust that by receiving the motivation from this Quest, you will be equipped to employ the healthy methods that you need in order to achieve your physical goals (such as eating right, a tailored exercise routine, etc.)

Although I might share a few of my favorite food and fitness tips along the way, this Quest will focus on giving you the motivation to fuel every strenuous workout and every healthy food choice.

Every post I’ll share my progress since the last post, and I encourage you to share yours in the comment section too! Just like Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit , you can’t complete a Quest alone.

Not going to lie, it feels a bit scary to start a Quest in a public forum like Soultiply, but I know together we will be able to create the change we each individually strive to see. I’m doing this because I want to show you that it’s possible and that it is never too late to start. We can start right NOW.

Will you join me in the Mind, Body, & Soultiply Quest?

Let me know in the comments below or by sharing the Quest on social media!

UPDATE: Here are some of the latest posts in the Mind, Body & Soultiply Quest:

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