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Lost your Inspiration? It Might Be Where you Least Expect It…

Lost your Inspiration? It Might Be Where You Least Expect It | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher | **UPDATE**: Prefer video? This blog post was also recently featured on the #SoultiplyLive Periscope show. If you would prefer to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of this post for the content + questions. Or just continue reading!

When I was 13 years old, I wrote a book called, My Life in 15 Years . It was a 30-page clip-art riddled manifesto, detailing every element of my future 28 year old life. It included such predictions as:

  • My favorite clothing store (The Limited, duh . It’s the grown-up version of Limited Too!)
  • My husband (my first boyfriend at the time…which is now my gay ex-boyfriend )
  • My favorite color (it was red…now it’s blue)
  • My career as a world famous actress

I thought I had it ALL figured out. If 13 year old Brittany knew that one day my passions would shift away from acting and I would experience a myriad of other careers (from working at a talent agency, an event planning company, a restaurant development firm, a market research group – you name it!), I think she would have fainted right there on the spot.

Soultiply was just a blip on a distant imagination.

But there has been one key element that has remained steadfast throughout the many passions and career changes. Something that hits you when you least expect it – in the most divine way.


Inspiration is addictive. It’s oftentimes unpredictable. And sometimes I find myself chasing after it, like I’m Ash Ketchum hurling my Pokéball towards some imaginary creature.

“Inspiration…I choose you!”

But sometimes, I’m baffled by the path of my journey. How can I use all these crazy, different experiences where I am today? It was such a winding road. And now I feel a little motion sick.

But Inspiration never goes to waste. No matter your path, no matter your experience, it was meant to bring you right to this very moment in time. Every idea has a life of its own, and the magic exists in how a seedling of an idea might flourish into something that is completely different than you ever expected.

I ran across some old college acting notes while I was packing up to move across country . I started to sift through them, thinking of all the hours I spent fervently writing away during class, trying to capture the elusive and very expensive concept known as my education.

At first, the notes bummed me out. What am I going to do with a bunch of acting notes, when I don’t even act anymore?! I was two seconds from stuffing 4 years of acting training down the trash chute.

But the more I began to read them, the more I felt like I was unearthing secret messages sent from a former life. These weren’t just acting notes; these were LIFE notes. I had stumbled upon an inspiration gold mine! Acting is the celebration of the human experience, and so is Soultiply ; the two are MUCH more similar than I had ever noticed before.

I started to explore the idea of sense memory during my last post , and I can’t wait to uncover some other gems from my college days and share them with you.

No phase in your life will be wasted. You might wonder why your path took so many twists and turns…but you can use it all where you are right now.

Or take the fact that I have 561 blog ideas stored in a 158 page Microsoft Word Document right this very moment.

I’m not kidding, that’s my true crazy shining through. List makers, can I get a what what!

But to be completely honest, only 216 of the ideas are ones that get me really jazzed to share with you. But I keep them all in that Word Document.

Because Inspiration has a way of sneaking up on you. An idea grows with you. An idea works on you, little by little.

So let it sit, let it simmer. Pull out the ole’ crockpot and stir it every once and awhile. Even the toughest bit of meat will taste like heaven when it’s through.

As Victor Hugo said,

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Keep tabs of all your ideas, because they are all worth something. And maybe someday, with a different life perspective, they will spur something more in you . It’s not always the ideas or the words themselves that are gold – it’s what they create in you. That’s where you get the good stuff. It’s all within you. It’s the culmination of every passion, every heart ache, every laugh and every tear. You are filled to the brim with briliance.

Have an iPhone with a Notes app? Keep it handy. When Inspiration strikes, jot down some notes and let them sit. Visit them later. Expand on them. Flesh them out. Even if they don’t make sense, even if they have nothing to do with your goal/career/dream – listen to that jolt. Who knows where it may lead you!

Welcome ideas into your life and set your intention to consistently and effortlessly receive them. Inspiration seeks a willing mind, so allow yourself to clear the noise in order to receive the signal. Be open to when those fluttering ideas visit you, and fully embrace the exhilaration.

When you feel a creativity block start to creep in, take a deep breathe, and silently repeat the affirmation, “I consistently and effortlessly welcome all ideas into my life.”

Sigh. That’s nice.

It might not look how you imagined. Your million dollar idea might hit you while you are buying toilet paper at Walmart; don’t judge! Abandon all expectations of what form they will take or where they will come from – that’s not up to you to decide. It’s your job to be game, to be up for the challenge. To say, “Hell, I don’t know what this means but….it’s making my heart skip a beat. So a thousand times YES .”

And on the flip side, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t write it down or if you forget an idea.

Sometimes Inspiration strikes in the shower or lying in bed at night – it’s a fact of life. Don’t let it get you down. Instead, set your intention that if it was as great of an idea as you thought, it will come back to you again.

I sometimes like to use this as a little test. What if I trusted my soul to recognize brilliance?

When I’m falling asleep and my thoughts are tap dancing around my brain, full of excitement over a fabulous new idea, I play a little game. I say, “Prove it! Show me this is a great idea by bringing it back to me in the morning.”

And sure enough, usually that night I will have a dream about the idea, fleshing it out even more, or it will be my very first thought in the morning.

If not, I know it was an idea worth parting with and I’m at peace with that decision. Like I said, it’s not yours to decide. You must be willing to part with the ideas that are just meh – and have faith that more will come.

Because who knows…maybe someday the book you wrote when you were 13 years old will give you an idea for a blog post. The world works in mysterious ways…

So, I know I’m late to the game, but I think Instagram has finally become my favorite social media platform. Connect with me and we can share pretty pictures!

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Brittany Ritcher Lost your Inspiration? It Might Be Where you Least Expect It…

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