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May 2014 Monthly Mantra

May 2014 Monthly Mantra Soultiply Brittany Ritcher

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It’s that time again – we have a new Monthly Mantra!

Before we delve into the inspirational goodness in store for us this May, let’s recap April.

If you are new to the Monthly Mantra Challenge, it’s not too late to find out more about the power of using a Monthly Mantra and to learn about our Mantra from April.

April’s Monthly Mantra Recap:

How did April’s Monthly Mantra lift your spirits? I used the mantra quite a bit this past month. It really helped me loosen up and brush off b1c27261b3347c6670440b643250cf5b the small stuff. I came in contact with some people that I believed were judging me and I used a combination of April’s Monthly Mantra, as well as the exercises that I’ve developed to guard myself from other’s negative thinking - and it worked wonders! It really taught me to love and embrace my quirks, and to find the sweetness and understanding in the quirks of others. And after 30 days of practice – we have all developed a brand new habit! Whoo!

So now let’s focus on May. Our Monthly Mantra for May is going to be two-fold: it will include a mantra AND a Challenge! The Mantra is…

“I give you my heart & soul, so that Universal compassion might heal us both”

This month is all about the healing quality of giving. Remember that heart warming (and heart-wrenching!) movie, Pay it Forward? I remember watching the film when I was young and feeling deeply influenced by its message. The little acts of compassion and kindness that you release out into the world ADD UP over time. One thing leads to another until your initial effort has multiplied into something far greater than you originally started.

Well, let’s Soultiply this month!

Use this Monthly Mantra to remember that guarding your heart and soul because you are afraid others will take advantage of you only cuts you off from the healing power of giving…remember that giving freely of your compassion, efforts, money, etc. to those in need will heal others – and with an open heart, you will be healed in the process too!

So that was the mantra – now here is the Challenge:

I challenge you to set a giving requirement for yourself this month and make it happen . You might already give, and if so, set the bar even higher for May. Make May the month where you give freely of your heart and soul.

There are a million ways to give , so pick one (or a combination of a few!), set a goal for the month, and watch the magic happen. Personally, for me, I am going to set aside $100 this month as my giving fund. I’m going to use this money to help the homeless, buy food and clothes for those in need, or put it towards any other giving occurrence that might come up this month. I live in Manhattan, so there is no shortage of people that I encounter every day that could use my compassion and help. If I have any money left over by the end of the month, I’ll donate it to my favorite charity.

I’m using money because it’s measurable and it will keep me accountable. But you could give in any number of ways. You can sign up for a set number of times you plan to volunteer this month at local charities. Or maybe you wanted to start your own volunteering efforts, so you can promise yourself to make May the month where you put those ideas into action. Like I said, there are just about a million ways to give.

Take this moment to set your goal and accept the challenge. It’s just for a month – we can do anything for a month. Accept the challenge because giving heals others AND it can heal you too. When you give, you receive tenfold….which gives you (and the people who you’ve helped) the resources and courage to continue the giving cycle.

If you don’t believe me, I urge you to keep a small journal and keep track of all the instances that you give this month. Write them down, every time. By the end of the month, we will all have LISTS upon LISTS of the compassion and goodness we have passed along to others. I’ll share my personal list at the end of the challenge and I would love for you to share yours too! I can’t wait to see and hear about your results!

Let me know if you plan on joining the challenge with me – Thanks so much and LET’S GET GIVING !

Let your Twitter Followers know you’ve accepted the May Monthly Mantra Challenge by tweeting your giving goal !

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Brittany Ritcher May 2014 Monthly Mantra
  • Jessica Baker

    I just found your site and it is soo cool! I love your ideas and I’ll be accepting your May challenge!

    • Brittany Ritcher

      Whoo! Thanks for accepting – can’t wait to hear your results!

  • Laura G. Jones

    Brittany, what a fun concept! I embrace this month’s mantra and the challenge, too. I believe in challenging ourselves in an area that we normally don’t feel comfortable giving. I’m a big talker, and have always struggled with taking the time to shut up and listen, so this month I will focus on giving the gift of presence: I will be present and listen to as many people as I can, focusing on learning from them, helping them feel better, and just allowing them the space to unravel in conversation (aside from coaching, of course – no shortage of listening there.) Thank you for this!

    • Brittany Ritcher

      I love this so much. Thanks for accepting the challenge! I’m such a talker too – what a great way to use listening as a form of giving. I’m going to keep that in mind this month as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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