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How-To Create Inspiring Mini Mobile Vision Boards

How to create inspiring mini mobile vision boards 2

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I’m a tech gal. If you can’t find me drooling over something I discovered on Pinterest, I’m probably creating websites, reading blogs, watching videos – you name it. It’s an addiction that I don’t plan on kicking. So I thought, why not try to integrate technology into my goal setting & self-development practices? As much as a good tech cleanse can rejuvenate your system, there is no use fighting against it – especially  when it comes to putting your dreams into action. So I whipped up some nifty instructions to show you how you can create your very own mini mobile vision board to take with you on the go!

What’s A @#$%ing Vision Board?!

Vision boards sound so hokey, but they pack real power. If you don’t know what a vision board is, it’s basically a visual reminder of the circumstances you would like to manifest in your life. I’ve made vision boards for countless occasions – vacations… finding my soulmate… (Funny story – I made a vision board of my perfect relationship in January 2010 and taped it to the dresser next to my bed. My suitemates probably thought I was nuts, but I would look at it every morning when I woke up and I would feel joy knowing that there was a possibility that someone existed out there in this wild and crazy world that could match the description on my board. In April 2010 I started dating Stephen – the man who has taught me the true meaning of love and what it means to have a soulmate. AND…he matches every single description I included on my board months before – I’m freakin’ serious.). I’ve even created a vision board for Soultiply (it spans the entire  wall right above my laptop, so I can look at it as I’m writing this post to you!). Every time you’re on Pinterest and you pin something that makes your heart flutter, you are creating a vision board – whether you realize it or not!

The Two Tricks for a Killer Vision Board:

1) You must have it in a place where you see it many times a day (like on your bedroom wall, by the bathroom mirror, etc…) and 2) You have to FEEL GOOD when you look at the board. If you look at the board and think, “Awww look at all this nice stuff I can never afford. Only rich people get to go on a nice vacations like this” and then you feel awful about it for the rest of the day, you might as well crumple up that nice collage you made, because you are not going to see results. Instead, look at the board and really FEEL what it would feel like to experience the qualities and items you posted. Feel as if they were your reality right this very moment . Don’t think about how or when or why (all that will come into play later), just pretend you are looking into a crystal ball showing you your future this very moment. THAT’S what it looks like. That’s how you use a vision board. It’s an instant mood-booster. And when you are in a good mood, you get shit done!

Instructions for Creating a Mini Mobile Vision Board:

Answer this question – what item do you have with you AND look at most throughout the day…. Is it your bathroom mirror? Is it your bedroom ceiling? NO! So why are you posting your vision boards in these places? Think outside the box. Instead, follow these instructions to create a mini vision board that you can have as the screensaver on your phone! I’m an iPhone girl, but the same idea can be applied to any type of smart phone that allows you to customize your screensaver with a personal picture. Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, pick a dream. For mini vision boards, it’s best to narrow your focus. Pick one (or two) goals, dreams, wishes, etc… that you want to include on your board. I’m going to create one along with you. I pick… “Fit into my high school prom dress again” – Ha!
  2. Go to your computer and open up a program that allows you to have a little artistic fun! I used paint for the sake of simplicity, but you could also use Photoshop or any program that let’s you save your work of art as a .jpeg (picture) file. Now, I want you to design a small picture that accurately captures the essence of the dream you want to bring into reality. The more actual pictures and less text you include, the better. This picture should excite you, it should make you smile because the thought of having it in your life just makes you ecstatic – you can’t even contain yourself. For me, I’m going to take an old picture of me wearing my high school prom dress. I was in my best physical shape at that time and my figure was rockin’, so I can’t wait until I’m able to wear that gorgeous dress again. I look at that picture and it makes me feel motivated and focused on what I want to achieve. Does your picture do the same for you? Even if you can’t comprehend HOW you would go about getting this thing (say it’s a million dollars, a house on the beach, getting out of debt, etc.) – don’t worry. That’s not your focus right at this moment. Vision boards help you  focus on possibility . Draw the picture, insert any graphics that might help you, and make it nice and pretty because you will see this picture every hour of every day. If you are a little worried or embarrassed that friends and family might ask you about your picture and what it means, you can keep it as discreet and symbolic as you want. Even just a picture of a palm tree can represent a dream full of detail in your mind. It’s up to you. But I say – go for it! No one has to understand and feel the good vibes but you .

    Helpful Tip: Try to make your picture as narrow as possible (it shows up better on most phone displays that way).

  3. Then, save your creation as a .jpeg file. Make sure you remember where you saved it on your computer. Now you have several options.
    1. You can either hook up your phone to your computer to transfer the file over to your phone that way (Itunes let’s you sync your pictures up to your phone – make sure you sync the correct folder where  you’ve saved your mini vision board)
    2. OR you can take a picture of your mini vision board using your phone (either print out your board or take a picture of it on your computer screen! That’s what I did, it doesn’t have to be fancy or high quality)
    3. OR you can email the mini vision board file to yourself, so you can open up the file using the email application on your phone later. All 3 options work the same way, just whatever you prefer. If you emailed the photo to yourself, you will want to go to the email with the file attachment and save your mini vision board to your “Camera Roll” before starting the next step.
  4. Now, go into your phone and find the settings for changing the wallpaper. For the iPhone, go to settings>wallpapers & brightness> and select the wallpaper you would like to change. I like keeping my mini vision board on my lock screen (it’s too hard to see as my background behind all the icons). Select the screen you want to change and then you will see an option for “photos”. Depending on how you got your photo to your phone (Step 3 above), you will know where your mini vision board is located. Mine is in my ‘Camera Roll”, so I select that. Tap the picture of your mini vision board, move and scale it to fit your screen, and select “set”. Choose “set lock screen” (or whichever you prefer) and you are done!

Ta da! Like I said, it doesn’t have to be fancy. I made this in about 10 minutes, but I encourage you to take your time and really make it special to you. The better you feel about your vision board, the harder it will work for you!

You Look at your Phone More than you Look at your Face

Every single time you access your phone throughout the day, take a brief pause to look at your beautiful mini vision board and feel joy and gratitude. Know in your heart that every moment you are one step closer to fulfilling that dream. The hundreds of times you access your phone in a day really DO add up. Soon, you will have to create a NEW mini vision board because you are no longer DREAMING of your initial wish– it has become your reality!

Have fun with this. You will see it hundreds of times every day- make sure it’s a picture that gets you all revved up. And let me know how it goes! Happy Visioning!
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Brittany Ritcher How-To Create Inspiring Mini Mobile Vision Boards

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