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The 6 Keys to “Becoming” What You Desire

The 6 Keys to Becoming What You Desire Soultiply Brittany Ritcher

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Somewhere in Boerne, Texas exists a 1995 Kindergarten time capsule.

My kindergarten teacher made a video time capsule of our class, with the promise that it would be revealed 13 years later at our high school graduation. For the time capsule, we were asked what we wanted to “become” when we grew up. I said I wanted to “become” a movie star…and it remained my truth for the next 16 years .

We were five years old; we had big plans and big dreams just waiting to unfold. We were young, but we realized that we were confined by childhood, that life would somehow “begin” at some later date when we were older, and then we would have a chance to “become” something new.

I never saw the time capsule (my guess is that no one had a VHS player to show the video!); I was in Georgia and off to New York before I could give it another thought.

But the idea of “becoming” has always stuck with me. What does it mean to “become”? Is there magic hidden in the transformation? How do you know when you’ve got there? What do you do then?…