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Friends with (BUSINESS!) Benefits PART TWO: The Light Bulb

Friends with Business Benefits The Light Bulb In business, you can’t do it alone.

You can either A) Desperately try to control everything and never ask for help from others (any of my control freaks relate?? Why do we do this to ourselves?! B) Work with random people who have no sense of your vision, or C) Find people who inspire us, understand our dream language, and help us reach those goals while enjoying the process along the way.

I’ll take C – please and thank you!

And oftentimes, the people that fit the bill ALREADY EXIST in your life.

They are right in front of your nose for crying out loud!

They are your best friends!

But sometimes navigating the blurry line between personal and business relationships can be a difficult task, so in this series we are looking at the top 4 archetypes of personal to business relationships, and the best ways to transition them for professional success. We will take a look at:

Today we are going to get down and dirty with a group that I like to call The Light Bulbs…full of luminous possibility – within a limited time span.

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Brittany Ritcher Friends with (BUSINESS!) Benefits PART TWO: The Light Bulb

When I Have a Tough Time Feeling Accomplished, I Do these 5 things first | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher

Yesterday afternoon I sat down at my computer for some well-deserved Soultiply time.

I had woken up, made my smoothie, went to the gym to workout with my lovely boyfriend, (Friends at home still following the Mind, Body & Soultiply Quest ? I hope you are ready for some healthy motivation!) showered and was ready to work.

But the moment I sat down to crank out some serious inspired writing, I felt myself coming up short. I knew what I wanted to talk about, but it felt like fatigue was barreling over me like a runaway train. My mind was spinning; I just couldn’t concentrate, let alone come up with any worthwhile or helpful ideas. So I took a nap instead, and ended up feeling crabby for the rest of the day, frustrated that I couldn’t use my scarce, uninterrupted spare time to create something wondrous and helpful for my Soultiply readers.

Sleep, rest, and relaxation just seem so secondary when it comes to the amazing work that I want to share with the world, all the goals that I want to accomplish, all the people that I want to help. Who needs all the other stuff when you have that to look forward to every day?!

But that’s where I was VERY wrong, my friends.

Because I woke up this morning and I still felt caught in a creative rut. None of the whining and guilt of last night helped remove ANY of that crap.

But this time, I embraced the feeling (instead of moping around and rejecting it) and I thought, “What can I do to get around this? What do I, Brittany Ritcher, NEED today?”

And the answer popped into my brain the very moment that I allowed it – I needed to enjoy some nature, go on a nice walk through the park, and take some well-deserved downtime.

And I did exactly that.

I rounded up the boyfriend and said, “Let’s take a walk through Prospect Park!” He had never been before and it had been 5 years since I had ventured to the area, so we packed up our things and had an impromptu, adventurous day.

We saw rolling hills, dogs splashing around in the lake, small children running through the grass and enjoying the sunshine. We both found a shady spot next to a creek to relax for an hour (seriously, it didn’t even feel like the city!) and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I felt inspired and rejuvenated upon my return.

I think as many young professionals and burgeoning entrepreneurs might relate to, it can be hard to find a stopping point in regards to our careers.

When your success is up to you, there is ALWAYS more work to be done and never enough time to do it. Especially when you are young and devoid of family responsibility, your free time is entirely up to you and your dreams are just an arm’s length away.

I remember back when I was acting , it was always so difficult for me to find a good stopping point, because there was always another audition that I could submit for, or more preparation that I could do for my character.

In fact, even now, the more I work on a project and feel inspired, the more new ideas I seem to come up with… I may cross off one thing from my to-do list, but I end up adding 3 more at the same time!

Trust me, these are delicious problems to have and I hope you have them too. But the real trick is finding the balance to stay on pace and keep your momentum, but without stumbling into the rut of good ole’ burnout.

I love to talk to my over-achievers out there .

Over-achievers oftentimes seem like they have it all figured out, but inside they may feel like their accomplishments are never enough.

Anyone else can relate?

Maybe you were the kid in school that none of your teachers worried about because they knew you were smart and could handle it. (You remember the days? Getting good grades because YOU wanted to, not because anyone was twisting your arm about it.) Maybe you try to express your frustration or doubts to others, but they scoff at you because they think it’s silly that someone as successful as you would have any worries about your future.

That’s a lot to handle alone. I want to give you the gift that can oftentimes be hard to give to yourself. I want you to stop, take a breath, and soak in the feeling of accomplishment.

First, what does it truly mean to feel accomplished?

For me, it’s when I recognize that I have made progress on something worthwhile . It’s hard to feel accomplished when you do something that you don’t care about, or something that you think is a waste of time. No, feeling accomplished comes when you conquer (or at least make progress) on something that sits near and dear to your heart, or something that is important to you and your ability to keep doing your best.

So here are 5 of my most tried-and-true ways to tap into your sense of accomplishment in order to give yourself the power you need to keep moving forward.

Brittany Ritcher When I have a tough time feeling accomplished, I do these 5 things first…

The Ultimate Tool for High-Achieving, IMPATIENT People

The Ultimate Tool for High-Achieving IMPATIENT People | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher

So you are a go-getter, eh?

You earned good grades during school. Every day you write out your goals and to-do lists with fervor and you check off each completed task with pride. Your calendar is packed full with meetings and brunches and projects galore. You are a motivational junkie – you just can’t get enough because you know there is always more out there for you to achieve.

I feel ya! In fact… I’m right there with you!

But sometimes, there is a dark side to being a high-achiever. Sometimes the fast pace can trip you up. Sometimes it’s easy to get IMPATIENT when things slow down.

We just don’t know how to handle downtime! It isn’t in our DNA. It’s such a foreign idea, that when we do have that time to ourselves, we practically go nuts.

And it’s even worse when the downtime isn’t by choice. When the downtime comes because an idea of ours isn’t working as quickly as we would like, or we aren’t getting response on our latest endeavor, or GOD-FORBID we actually failed at something and we have to go back to the drawing board. If we don’t have something to show for ourselves in record time, we become discouraged because it doesn’t fit the standards we have set for ourselves. We’ve set the bar too high.

So how do you handle the downtime without driving yourself crazy?

The secret is learning to ALLOW. That’s all there is to it.

But I know a word like “allow” sounds really fluffy and vague and very very scary to anyone who keeps a tight schedule. So I’m going to give you 5 strategies to help you delve into the nitty-gritty of what it means to allow and how you can do it NOW .

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Brittany Ritcher The Ultimate Tool for High-Achieving, IMPATIENT People

Say Whaaa?: 8 Communication Tools for a Drama Free Life

Say Whaaa?: 8 Communication Tools for a Drama Free Life | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher

Do you ever look back on your schooling and think, “Now why in the world did they not offer a class on that?!”

Where was the elective on Time Management? I know I could have used a few lessons about Healing from Heartbreak. And most of all, there should have been a class about effective communication. Because Lord knows we use that skill EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Seriously, when are we NOT communicating? Sometimes through our actions, mostly through our words…communication drives nearly everything we do. It would be pretty difficult to achieve goals, realize dreams and pursue lasting relationships without the use of effective communication.

Come to think of it, lousy communication is usually the root cause of many of our most dreaded problems! Broken relationships, misunderstandings on work projects, terrible family issues – poor communication is at the core.

So here’s what I propose – why not brush up on our communication skills? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Because pristine communication skills not only benefit your personal and professional relationships, but they help you achieve your wildest of dreams while using less time and effort. And a whole lot less drama.

Use these 8 communication tools to become a shape-shifting communicator with clients, coworkers, loved ones and friends.

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Brittany Ritcher Say Whaaa?: 8 Communication Tools for a Drama Free Life

The 6 Keys to “Becoming” What You Desire

The 6 Keys to Becoming What You Desire Soultiply Brittany Ritcher

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Somewhere in Boerne, Texas exists a 1995 Kindergarten time capsule.

My kindergarten teacher made a video time capsule of our class, with the promise that it would be revealed 13 years later at our high school graduation. For the time capsule, we were asked what we wanted to “become” when we grew up. I said I wanted to “become” a movie star…and it remained my truth for the next 16 years .

We were five years old; we had big plans and big dreams just waiting to unfold. We were young, but we realized that we were confined by childhood, that life would somehow “begin” at some later date when we were older, and then we would have a chance to “become” something new.

I never saw the time capsule (my guess is that no one had a VHS player to show the video!); I was in Georgia and off to New York before I could give it another thought.

But the idea of “becoming” has always stuck with me. What does it mean to “become”? Is there magic hidden in the transformation? How do you know when you’ve got there? What do you do then?…

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Brittany Ritcher The 6 Keys to “Becoming” What You Desire

Negativity & You: Using your Whine to Shine when Making Life Decisions

Negativity & You: Using your Whine to Shine when Making Life Decisions Soultiply Brittany Ritcher Negativity could be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Bet you don’t hear many self-development coaches say that too often, eh?

When you don’t know what you want – it can seem like the entire world is working against you.

Here you are, out in the universe, with no freaking clue what to do about your life (whether it’s a career choice, relationship advice, mid-life crisis – whatever!) and it stresses you out even more!

It’s like one huge game of hide-and-seek and you’re it. Where do you even begin?

So consider this…Knowing what you DON’T want can be just as valuable!

Here’s how you can use negativity to your advantage…

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Brittany Ritcher Negativity & You: Using your Whine to Shine when Making Life Decisions

How to Rise Above Your Age

how to rise above your age

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Age – something we all yearn for when we are little and despise when we are older. It’s this magical label that automatically tells others how long we’ve been on this earth…and leads to misinformation about what we are capable of accomplishing. How do you rise above your age? Take a look at these 7 ways to elevate yourself beyond your age and achieve great things at any time in your life.

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Brittany Ritcher How to Rise Above Your Age

How-To Create Inspiring Mini Mobile Vision Boards

How to create inspiring mini mobile vision boards 2

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I’m a tech gal. If you can’t find me drooling over something I discovered on Pinterest, I’m probably creating websites, reading blogs, watching videos – you name it. It’s an addiction that I don’t plan on kicking. So I thought, why not try to integrate technology into my goal setting & self-development practices? As much as a good tech cleanse can rejuvenate your system, there is no use fighting against it – especially  when it comes to putting your dreams into action. So I whipped up some nifty instructions to show you how you can create your very own mini mobile vision board to take with you on the go!

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Brittany Ritcher How-To Create Inspiring Mini Mobile Vision Boards

What if your Dreams Change?

What if your dreams change title picture

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I was that kid that used to perform made-up skits for my family in the living room when I was two years old. I said I wanted to be an movie star in my Kindergarten time capsule. And when they opened the time capsule at high school graduation, nothing had changed; my dreams of acting were still very much alive. When most boys and girls had long forgotten their aspirations of becoming an astronaut or a firefighter, I was still vehemently in love with theatre. My room was covered in Broadway paraphernalia – it looked like a gaudy souvenir shop you would find in Times Square. I loved me some classic 90’s Nickelodeon sitcom “Taina”. Acting was IT for me.

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Brittany Ritcher What if your Dreams Change?