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3 Myths About the Pursuit of Happiness

3 Myths about the Pursuit of Happiness | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher | What is your pursuit of happiness?

When I picture the word “pursuit” I think of some greasy, Steve Buschemi look-alike breathing heavily outside my door with a dozen roses.


I don’t want to be pursued, and I don’t care to pursue anything either. So why in the world are we searching for the pursuit of happiness?!

But most damaging of all, the pursuit of happiness implies that happiness is something that must be overcome, something that must be conquered. So let’s debunk 3 myths surrounding the pursuit of happiness, and instead,  learn to access a wealth of happiness without inviting grief, labor or stress into our lives during the process.

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Brittany Ritcher 3 Myths About the Pursuit of Happiness