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3 Myths About the Pursuit of Happiness

3 Myths about the Pursuit of Happiness | Soultiply with Brittany Ritcher | www.Soultiply.com What is your pursuit of happiness?

When I picture the word “pursuit” I think of some greasy, Steve Buschemi look-alike breathing heavily outside my door with a dozen roses.


I don’t want to be pursued, and I don’t care to pursue anything either. So why in the world are we searching for the pursuit of happiness?!

But most damaging of all, the pursuit of happiness implies that happiness is something that must be overcome, something that must be conquered. So let’s debunk 3 myths surrounding the pursuit of happiness, and instead,  learn to access a wealth of happiness without inviting grief, labor or stress into our lives during the process.

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Brittany Ritcher 3 Myths About the Pursuit of Happiness

In the Retreat of Happiness How to Ditch the Pursuit and Let Happiness Find You Not going to lie, I can be bit of a drama queen.

And I don’t say that just because I’ve spent most of my life acting on stage .

I’m an emotional person, what can I say?

Sometimes us drama queens can get SO caught up in our negative thoughts, that we end up making life harder for ourselves in the process. You feel like  ALL you can do is complain, moan and worry about something, only to realize that the simple solution was right in front of your nose the entire time.

The same exact thing can happen to the role that happiness plays in our lives.

We all want to be happy, right? The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong goal, and many of us would do just about anything to get a glimpse of it.

But that’s the thing – the “pursuit of happiness” isn’t a pursuit at all! I challenge you to retreat from happiness, starting today.

Because Happiness has been in front of your nose this entire time.

Brittany Ritcher In The Retreat of Happiness: How to Ditch the Pursuit and Let Happiness Find You