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Use this One Word Switch to Take Ownership of your Dreams | Soultiply TV Ep. 2

Use this One Word Switch to Take Ownership of your Dreams | Soultiply TV with Brittany Ritcher Ep. 2 | At your Wit’s End? Ready to throw in the towel? This simple mind shift will help you regain control over a hopeless situation and challenge you to create out-of-the-box solutions. The same solutions that will empower you, build your confidence, and set you on the path to achieve your deepest desires. Now THAT’S a powerful shift! Learn the lingo here…

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Hi there – how are you doing? My name is Brittany Ritcher, and I’m a life coach and the founder of

Today’s little mini challenge I have for you is…I want to shift your thinking by one simple, little word switch. Literally, it’s changing one word for another. And that phrase is – whenever you say “I can’t…” Drumroll please! I want you to switch it up and say “I didn’t”.

To tell you the truth, I honestly don’t know where I heard this, I know I didn’t make this up, this is a thing we’ve heard of before. But I want to tell you, man oh man, I want to tell you how crazy it is of the difference it can make in shifting your mindset by this one little word switch. So that means anytime you’re like “I can’t”, you feel like throwing in the towel, you want to close that door, you are done with it – just say “I didn’t”. It puts the impetus back on you, all of the sudden the ball is in your court, it’s up to you what you are going to do next. Believe it or not, although it might feel like there is more pressure there, there is infinite amount of opportunity there for you as well. Which is great! Because a lot of times when we feel like we can’t do something, we begin to feel like we don’t have control of that situation, or it’s not meant for us, and that’s when we get down into that murky hole that our minds just love to crawl in. When you say, “I can’t” – it just shuts it down. Like when your computer goes down. That’s “I can’t”. But “I didn’t” is kinda turning on that switch again, and saying “Okay…Let’s trouble shoot! Where’s the bug?” And you can fix it. You can fix it. And that’s what great. Because you can’t fix, “I can’t”. It’s done, it’s over. But you can fix “I didn’t”. Which is phenomenal.

And you know what’s great? There are so many different ways to do something. When you say “I can’t”, that’s assuming that all the zillions of ways that something can be accomplished – you’ve tried all of them. And most likely, that’s not what happened! You probably tried one little thing, and it didn’t work, so now you are mad. That’s like me on a day-to-day basis! And I’m sure that’s you sometimes. It’s looking at something, and it’s labeling it, and it’s saying, “I tried XYZ and here was the result”. It’s like a scientist. You try many different things until you find something that works. And by saying, “I didn’t’, it assumes there is this answer out there and it gives you the opportunity to find the answer.

I’ll give you an amazing example of this. I’m doing this workout program by Kayla Itsines. I hope I’m saying her name right. Kayla Itsines? Look her up on Instagram, I’ll include a link . She is phenomenal. Her transformations are incredible. If you are looking to get fit, look at her. I’m doing this circuit, I’m on week two, and I can not (Previous Brittany!) can not finish the circuit! You have 7 minutes to do the circuit and I’m lucky if I can finish one. Especially when it comes to push-ups. My push-up ability is meh! I was doing my workout and I was like, “I can’t do a push-up!”. And I was like, “Woah woah woah back up! I didn’t do a push-up”. Now…okay, that feels a little strange to say, because I tried, but I didn’t do a push-up – it was my choice. And I got thinking, “Okay, if I didn’t do a push-up, how can I? What’s another route?” Maybe I need to step back. Maybe I need to become really good at those lame wall push-ups for awhile until I’m bangin’ them out. Then maybe I go to the knee push-ups and maybe I can do five of those really great until I get sore. Then maybe, eventually , finally , I’ll do a push-up. And that route may take a long time. It might not be instant. We are not looking for instant; this isn’t pudding. It’s not instant. It’s not microwaveable, these dreams, they are something that’s going to take time and practice. But when you say “I can’t”, that’s like saying “Because it’s not instant, I’m not interested.” You have a whole life, dear. You have a whole life to accomplish these things. And by saying, “I didn’t” and taking ownership in that, and realizing what you chose to do or not to do is going to get you there. Believe it or not, it’s going to get you there.

Oh my goodness, think of all the people and all the things that could have happened in the world if “I can’t” was switched to “I didn’t”! All the things. Things we can’t even fathom, because they don’t exist, because someone said, “I can’t.” It’s sad, right? It is sad.

So thank you so much! I hope this little mini shift will pop into your day somehow, someway and will keep you on alert for when you really want to accomplish those things you are wanting to accomplish. If you are watching this on , I would love it if you go back to and join in the conversation, let me know what you think, let me know of some “I can’t” to “I didn’t” situations that have come up for you. I would love to hear your progress. And leave me a comment there! Because that’s where the party is happening. And if you are watching this on , I would love if you would subscribe so you can keep up with all the new videos that are coming out. And if you have , I’m like addicted to (in case you haven’t been able to tell!) With Soultiply, I love to share wonderful quotes that I come across or resources from other great great great teachers, and I love to share them there on . So follow me there and I hope to see you very soon. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! Bye!

Brittany Ritcher Use this One Word Switch to Take Ownership of your Dreams | Soultiply TV Ep. 2

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