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Welcome to Soultiply TV!

Welcome to Soultiply TV! Guys…I wish you could see my new studio right now. The lights are shining bright and I finally found a mic that works, so we are ready for LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

And I bring you…Soultiply TV!

Here’s a sneak peek into station Soultiply and what you can expect in the months ahead!

Happy Viewing!

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Hello Soultiply-ers! I’m Brittany Ritcher, the Founder of and I welcome you to the newest addition of Soultiply – video!

I just wanted to give you a quick rundown on what is in store for you here on Soultiply TV. As you guys might know, I’ve been dreaming of bringing you the Soultiply channel for quite some time, and I’m SO incredibly excited to give you fresh, inspirational clips that will keep you thinking and growing.

These new videos will include the same great topics and content you’ve come to expect from Soultiply, so you can relax. But I’m not going to lie, they might be a little more awkward because I can’t hide behind the computer screen anymore. Sooooo, sorry!

My hope in the coming months is to feature interviews, tutorials, short films, and MORE. There is so much you can do with video and I’m excited to see how we can incorporate all these fun features into the channel. This truly is inspiration in overdrive.

So whether you decide to tune in on , or the Soultiply website, make sure you head over to to have access to lots of extra content after each video, such as links to related topics or websites I mention during the episode, as well as a full transcript of the audio for…you know… those times when you might be procrastinating at work and you can’t watch a video without your boss catching you. See..I understand, I got you!

Episode 1 will debut tomorrow, so follow Soultiply on whatever social media account you are most addicted to, and I’ll see you then! Because I’m on all of them. Every single one. Although I still don’t really get Twitter…does that make me a bad millennial? Who cares. Bye! See you then!

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Brittany Ritcher Welcome to Soultiply TV!

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