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I started this out of love. I thought maybe there would be some fancier way to describe why I’ve created Soultiply, but that’s it. THAT’S the real reason. This probably just looks like a first post on yet another blog, but to me it’s been 2 months of work in the making (and merely a daydream for years before that!). I’m so excited to finally share Soultiply with you! Because Soultiply was nothing before you and will be nothing without you. And that explains why I started this out of love – almost exclusively out of love for the people that visit Soultiply looking to share BIG IDEAS and how to live a more purposeful, joy-filled life.

How it all Began

If you are still reading, I’m impressed! Because I think the idea of living a purposeful, joy-filled life can be a little overwhelming for just about anyone. Ha!

I know I was overwhelmed when I first started reading and learning about self-development. I was a freshman in college, constantly freaking out and desperately trying to acclimate from my move to New York City. I was awkward, wore Smart-Wool socks 24/7 and preferred staying in and crafting on Friday nights than going out and experiencing the nightlife of NYC. I didn’t have a sip of alcohol until Sophomore year of college, which I think pretty much sets the world record. I remember going to my first “college party” and barely making it half-way there because I was too scared to face the reality of actually entering the room. Then I got lost on my way home and some guy dressed as a bunny screamed at me in Washington Square Park and I nearly peed my pants.

I was a theater kid, so watching Saturday Night Live was my weekly ritual. That was right around the time when Maya Rudolph was doing those hilarious Oprah parodies about her obsession with the book ‘The Secret’. I watched the skit and for some crazy reason, I became intrigued. I loved Oprah (who doesn’t love some Op? Come on!) and I figured if something was getting this much attention, I wanted to learn more about it. Plus, the title got me (not going to lie). I wanted to know what “The Secret” was all about. I read the book and I was hooked. I finished that book ACTUALLY BELIEVING (not just wanting to believe, or forcing myself to believe) that I was capable of anything that I put my heart and mind towards. It’s a different feeling than having someone else, like a parent or close friend, tell you that you are capable of great things. It makes a world of a difference to actually feel it for yourself. And even just the act of gaining that confidence helped me tremendously in the months and years to come. And that’s how I developed a life-long romance with personal growth. Because I realized that the more I can focus on bettering myself and my situation, the better equipped I am to help others.

Soultiply Style

Not much else has changed other than that. I still rather stay in on a Saturday night than go clubbing. I mainly dread going to large parties. But I found that allowing myself to dream about the reality I wanted to create actually gave me fuel to make it happen . And that’s why I created Soultiply. I wanted to develop a place where I could share the authentic, powerful, positive, vulnerable (and oftentimes dorky!) stories and lessons that I’ve learned, while working towards opening a dialogue to help and share with others.

See Ya Later Hippie-Dippy Talk

If you find yourself wanting to chuck your laptop across the room, or throw your phone into toilet – I don’t blame you. It kinda sounds like hippie-dippy talk, right? Let’s just all love each other and live on an island of rainbows and sunshine with cute little puppies prancing  around on fluffy clouds. As much as I really would enjoy a visit to a cute little puppy paradise, that’s not what you are going to find here on Soultiply. Because oftentimes, when I’m reading self-development books, visiting conferences and attending classes– I get really annoyed by all that filler-talk. I skim paragraphs until I can find the actual TOOLS, the actual step-by-step actions that so-and-so took to get to where they are today. The other stuff is fine, but it’s not what I’m looking for. And so that’s why I wanted to start this blog – to give you guys the nitty-gritty of what it takes to make shit happen. You might get a few stories along the way, but you’ll walk away with tactile steps that you can implement in your own life. Because that’s all that matters for your growth as a human being.

My Inner Voice Obviously Hasn’t Watched Lost

Over the past two months of business and creative planning, building the website (ain’t it purty?!) and taking my own advice to heart (which can be hard to do at times, as I’m sure all you know!), Soultiply has become my little baby. I’m in love with the idea that I envision it becoming and the people that I hope to connect with and help throughout the process.

I just love the essence of the name – Soultiply. To me, it’s when you take action on the BIG IDEAS that are stirring in your soul. It’s the part of me that said, ‘Brittany – you freaking love self-development, you love writing, you love teaching, you love interacting with people – stop sitting around watching old episodes of Lost on Netflix and actually CREATE a community!” And even more so, it’s about not clicking “next episode” when you finally have that thought! It’s getting up, putting on some real-people clothes, and MAKING IT HAPPEN. If you can do that, you’ve won. That’s Soultiply. Because when you do take the action and start seeing results, you start to feel proud of yourself. Your confidence bursts, you can’t help but smile all the time (and not in a creepy or annoying way, although you do see a lot of that here in New York City…). You start to think of more and more ideas until inspiration is a common occurrence. And the people around you, who support you and love you no matter what, they start to notice a difference. That good mojo that you got goin’ on spreads to them and they are happy because you are happy. (Ask my boyfriend! He’s not a huge self-development advocate himself, but he LOVES when I’m in a good mood because of it!) It’s a two step process and it’s what Soultiply means to me.

And so I ask you, are you ready to Soultiply too?


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  • Chelsea Hester

    You are incredible and inspiring. Incredibly inspiring. So very much.

  • Mario

    Hurray! You’re right, I need to stop watching cartoons and finish illustrating my children’s book so I can get back to watching cartoons!

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