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When the Fear of Rejection Becomes too Strong…Fight it with Care | Soultiply TV Ep. 1

When the Fear of Rejection Becomes Too Strong...Fight it with CARE It’s so easy to fall into the too-cool-for-school way of living life. And for many people, it’s more than just a teenage phase.

In today’s inaugural episode of Soultiply TV, we are diving into the nitty-gritty of what it means to care, and how we can boost the amount of passion we feel in our own lives.




Hello Everyone, I’m Brittany Ritcher, life coach and the creator of Have you ever been burned one too many times? I’m not actually talking about being burned with fire (because like seriously, be careful, I need you healthy and happy!), I’m talking about emotionally; I mean, have you ever felt so hurt and rejected that it seemed easier to throw in the towel than try again? You know, I think we’ve all been in that boat at least once in our lives. And sometimes, the pain of rejection feels so heavy and hurtful that we rather pretend that we don’t care than confront our own fear.

Hey I’ve been there – I used to see it all the time, especially back when I was acting . I used to see some actors that would waltz in late for auditions, wearing last night’s cocktail dress, walk in to the room acting rude and condescending to their peers and possible employers , not even bothering to read the script or prepare for their role. Then, when they found out that they obviously hadn’t got the job, they would say, “Well, I didn’t even care about it anyways. It wasn’t a good part. I didn’t like the material.”Hell, not going to lie, I even used a few of those excuses sometimes too! It was easier to not even care, than to risk the pain of rejection. It’s hard to care about something that has the possibility of being taken away.

But do you know what happens to you when you stop trying? After months and months, or YEARS of not caring, do you know what kind of toll that takes on your mind, body and spirit? You begin to feel dull. Things begin to happen TO you, rather than FOR you. You have nothing to work towards and nothing to invest in.

So, give yourself permission to care again. It might hurt, you might have grown so accustomed to the dullness that you don’t even remember living a life infused with a strong goal or purpose . But true magic happens when you care. Passion creates action.

I think overall, us Millennials are given a really bad rap when it comes to caring. Everyone just assumes we are a generation of lazy hipsters who rather peck at our smart phones than stand up and take a stance on what we believe in. We rather tweet our grievances than do something about them. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Risk caring in your relationships. Sure, he might break your heart. Love anyways. The deepest love comes from the greatest kindness and care.

Care about your career. Offer your ideas. Go out on a limb. Give everything you’ve got. Advancement comes to those who give a dang. So let’s get off Reddit and go make a difference.

Invest the deepest care in your creative endeavors. Art is so personal . It can be so hard to invest your time and soul into a piece of art, only to have the critics rip you to pieces five hours later. Care anyways. Care like this was the Oscars, or the Grammys or New York Fashion Week. Don’t wait until you’ve “made it” to care. Made what? Made fame? Made Instagram followers? Here’s something to make – make art. And keep making art until you care more about something else. Which might never happen. Which I would say, consider yourself very lucky. That’s how you will know that you made it.

You know that you were made for something great. Care about your goals. Your life depends on it.

So what issues resonate with you? What news stories make your cheeks burn? The world needs caring people to go out there and create change. What activities make you lose track of time? Spend your time engulfed in those passions. It’s time for all or nothing. There is no such thing as caring too much.

You know the truth of the matter? You can’t guard your heart. Caring will leave that part of you open and exposed. But over time, you will find a new sense of power in the risk and in the pain. You will get burnt… but it will hurt less and less. You will gain wisdom through your vulnerability. And you will experience the true meaning of success as you watch the things that you care about prosper and come into fruition right before your eyes!

Choose to care again. You deserve a life well-rewarded.

Thank you so much for checking out the first episode of Soultiply TV.

If this message struck a chord with you today, you can go over to and leave a comment at the bottom of the page. The good vibes don’t end here, so if you want more, you can subscribe to the Soultiply TV channel on . The channel is brand new, so I would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can improve! And, if you subscribe now, you can say that you watched before it was cool! How very hipster of you!

Take care, and see you soon!

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Brittany Ritcher When the Fear of Rejection Becomes too Strong…Fight it with Care | Soultiply TV Ep. 1
  • Justyna Hołubowicz

    Your video, from a couple of months ago resonated with me so deeply.
    We get… shamed for caring too deeply. It’s “cool” to not care and be emotionally “detached”.
    I know I have been, so many times. Because I get emotional too, because I never let that passion die inside of me.

    It gets hard on the people who can’t process their life in the same way that I do – with as much engagement, energy and enthusiasm, but what is also true… is that it did, like you say, teach me the meaning of success. I’ve ripped my heart out on stage, writing and delivering a speech, I’ve shared my deepest thoughts, I’ve expressed my emotions and seeing them connect with people and change their lives – it was true success. I have people coming back to me, in tears, saying, that what I said has profoundly impacted the way they parent, teach and live. People have changed jobs, because I gave them the impulse to pursue something they wanted, but were afraid to do so.
    Heck, in my personal life I know I have stories to tell, because I cared, wanted and did things most wouldn’t. Nights in hotels, trips, late night 3-page e-mails, phone calls lasting hours.

    Maybe it’s finally time to say and admit, that it’s a gift, and used wisely it gives you an album worth of photos of magical moments and an insane amount of experience worth sharing. I know I forget about that. Thank you, for reminding me.

    • Brittany Ritcher

      That was absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing your perspective. As much as it might hurt, or not feel worth it, you are absolutely right – we must continue to share that passion inside of us with others. It is worth it!

      • Justyna Hołubowicz

        I’ve noticed you don’t post often – you obviously are busy with your coaching work – and that you didn’t post a mantra for June or July. You are continuing soultiply :)?

        • Brittany Ritcher

          Yes, still continuing with Soultiply! I’m currently moving across the country though, so my posting is temporarily on hiatus. I’m hoping to be back on schedule in August!

          • Justyna Hołubowicz

            so glad to hear this! have a great summer with all the moving around.

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